St. Cloud State University
720 4th Avenue South, St. Cloud, Minnesota, 56301-4498

Today's Games
7:00 PM - Fly High v Tea Alpha E
7:00 PM - Paul Law v One Hit Wonders
7:00 PM - Love At 1st Spike v Legends
7:00 PM - Ballz Deep v You Just Got Bake'd
8:00 PM - Notorious Dig v Set-sy And We Know It
8:00 PM - Team She Dynasty v Ballerz
8:00 PM - Serves You Right v Chedda
8:00 PM - Dream Killers v Winner of Game 2
9:00 PM - We DigZ v Sets Appeal
9:00 PM - Team She Dynasty v Set-sy And We Know It
9:00 PM - Paul Law v Legends
9:00 PM - Bendover v Anklebreakers
10:00 PM - We DigZ v Chedda
10:00 PM - Fly High v Notorious Dig
10:00 PM - Sets Appeal v One Hit Wonders
10:00 PM - Off In Church v Mo O's
11:00 PM - Love At 1st Spike v Ballerz
11:00 PM - Serves You Right v Tea Alpha E
11:00 PM - Legends v Tea Alpha E
11:00 PM - Free Agents v Black Out

Flag Football Block 1
Soccer Block 1
Volleyball Block 1

Welcome to St. Cloud State Intramurals!!
1/14/2009 11:45 AM
 Please click LEAGUES in the upper left of this page to find your league schedule!
 This is where you will find all of your St. Cloud State Intramural Sport schedules. It will be updated by the Campus Rec staff on a regular basis. Check the website often for scores and news for all Intramural Sports on campus.
Feel free to send me an email with questions, comments or concerns.
Thanks for participating in our Intramural program! We look forward to your continued support of our program this semester.
Intramural Contact Information
Phone: (320) 308-3923
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